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Mohamad in Bulgaria – Help Syria’s Refugees: можем ли да бъдем човеци?

Mohamad in Bulgaria – Help Syria’s Refugees from ECRE on Vimeo.

Mohamad is a 24 year old student from Syria. Mohamad had to flee after he and his friends were captured while travelling back from university and threatened to be killed while in captivity only because they were Kurdish. He was released but was still in danger so he fled with his mother and brother and sisters to Bulgaria where he was detained upon arrival and had to live in an unheated tent. Mohamad dreams of continuing his education.

Абонирайте се! Подкрепете свободната мисъл и свободното слово в България тъкмо когато те са в страшна немилост!  (Забележка: Можете да получавате броевете на в-к ГРАЖДАНИНЪ за 2011 г. ако пишете на имейл angeligdb [@] abv.bg)

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